Monday, March 18, 2013

Why you and I would be arrested in Iran

Why you and I would be arrested in Iran Okay, folks; since any comment I have on this would undoubtedly be censored on WND or Disqus, I move here to my own blog where I can say how I really feel about Arselifters and our Arselifter-in-Chief. Does it look like freedom of speech and assembly, right along with religious freedom are vanishing in America?! Absolutely! And though we still have an illegitimate president who consistently favors Arselifters (PC term "Muslims") over Christians and Jews at every turn, there remain those in our doomed nation who still seem to think that the sun rises and sets on his (BHO's) sorry worthless arse! Consider the fact, once again, folks, though I'm sure there are those with their heads still firmly planted up their arses who will undoubtedly blow this off, and persist in their belief, being the asshats that they are, that Obama really wants what's best for us all! Stick a fork in America; as a nation, we are done!

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